“From the pain we gain, it changes the insane to a wisely sane, it is the great’s mate. It crafts our souls, it is the rain 20141105_095222for grains of the wheat, it is the food of the Runner.”

Welcome to theglobejogger.com! I am a traveller, runner, hiker, walker but most importantly I am a French Frie that left his magnificient alpine country for the natural beauty of Kuwait (So happy right now with all the beer I can have).

Things to know:  I am a Homo Sapiens, record holder of the 42 kilometers Beer-athlon, specialist of the so called Bush-puke. I am the one who chats with you full of confidence on the starting line, but arrives 2 hours later at the finish line proud to wear that finisher T-Shirt and spilling beer all over you because my arm cramped. I am the one who will not hesitate to use forbidden products and put them in your Gatorade in order to have you disqualified so I can finish 1 499th instead of 1 500th. All in all I am not a professional, I am just an enthusiast and I belong to the people that just manage to finish in utter pain and brag about it for years.

And if one day you happen to take more Kellogg’s than you usually do, you will make that sub 3.30 marathon happen (I am trying to make myself like the taste of it. It is not working for me).

Edit: I am not in Kuwait anymore but somewhere around the world as I started my new life as a team member of Doctors without Borders / Médecins sans Frontières. The rest still applies 🙂


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