The Rickshaw Run episode 1

I’ve been out of the Blogosphere for a pretty long time now but I have an excuse. The last couple of months, I have worked on a project that I was having for a long time now and I will tell you everything about it in this article.

A couple of years ago when I still was in University, I took part in a rally called the “4L Trophy” across France, Spain and Morocco for two weeks. We were driving in an old french Renault 4 from the eighties without A/C or any of this complicated electronics. Eventually we had so much fun that we went all the way through Morocco, Mauritania to Dakar in Senegal covering in total more than 4 000 kilometers. On the way we spent a week on a lost beach where we learned how to surf (Dhaka), we stayed with berbers for a couple days and spent endless nights gazing at the stars. It was a real Shitty time.

4L Trophy

I have always been nostalgic of that period and I decided to take part in the Rickshaw Run this Summer.
The Rickshaw run is not a runners race but more of a rally in a Tuk-tuk or Rickshaw across India. Which is why the blog is getting another tone that is more wanderlust-like.

MAP INDIA RICKSHAW RUNBasically my friends and I will drive 3 500 Kilometers from Shillong, a town near the Himalayas to Cochin, in the very south of India. On our way we will cross Nepal and mythical old Indian cities like Varanasi but this is not the most important part of our trip. No! The most important part is that we are raising funds for SOS Children India/Nepal and that we will visit their villages during our adventure.

SOS Children is a non profit and non governmental organization that takes care of Orphans and abandoned children. Today they are present in 132 countries and are taking care of more than a 100 000 orphans worldwide.
A Sos children village typically include 15 family houses that are each home to 10 children and their SOS mother. In India and Nepal there is 70 SOS children villages spread across the country and we will visit 6 of them.

For this incredible adventure I plan on filming every bit and I want to make a documentary out of it focusing on the SOS charity and the life of the children. I’ll use this blog to share everything I do and how I do it. The material I will use, the gearĀ  I will take and all the planning.

But before check our presentation video out !!

SOS Children

If you like the project, please consider making a donation. Everything goes directly to SOS Children without me touching anything of it.

Make a donation here:

And if you just want to say hi, join me on facebook and let’s have a chat.

Fiasco de Gama

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