Paris Marathon 2015

I’ve run the Paris Marathon 2015.

But let me start from the beginning. It was in December or so. I had been accepted into Doctor without Border’s team and I had started a page to raise funds for them. As of today, 1635 Euros were collected for them and I am thankful for everyone that helped me reach my goal of 800 Euros. If you contributed, you must know the existence of this blog and I wanted to take advantage of this article to thank you. Thank you! Really! I went far past the objective and I hope the funds will be used wisely whether in Yemen, Irak or any other conflicted country.

Médecins sans frontières

Unfortunately, everything did not go as well as the fundraiser. Like most of the runners, I can’t handle my periods of rest very well, so when it is time to start again, I want to start exactly from where I left off and that’s a very bad idea. Just after I had recovered from my IT band injury, I started running 4 times a week for a total of 50 kilometers per week. While it wasn’t that much, I thought, it was still too much according to my ankle. 2 weeks after I had a posterior tibial tendonitis. And 9 weeks later, I had the Paris Marathon.

I visited countless doctors that gave me insoles, anti-inflammatory and the usual stuff. All telling me to rest 8 weeks. That’s what I did, and this way, I would be ready for the marathon. Or so I thought.

Scott JurekI knew I was going to run a marathon with a preparation worse than anything I had ever done. I had covered 100 kms in the 4 months preceding the event in my running shoes. It’s an average of 6 kms a week. Useless to say I was really not prepared. But I thought I would do it for the good cause. Run until I am exhausted and finish the rest walking.

I arrived in Paris to collect my bib number and at the expo, I met with Scott Jurek. He had come to do the promotion of his book “Eat & Run” that had just recently been translated to French. I was a big fan. I still am a big fan. It’s funny how I thought he was small from his pictures. In real, he is tall. 6’2 or so.

25712648And so, my faith was sealed. I had raised more funds than my goal and I had met with Scott Jurek, one of my greatest inspiration. I had to finish the Marathon to make it a perfect week end. Sometimes you just do things.

The next morning, I sticked to the plan. I even did a little more than the plan. My ankle started hurting after 20 minutes, even with the brace, but it was bearable and  I kept on running. I managed an average pace of 5min/kms until kilometer 20. Slowly going down after that and until I started walking at km 25. “Oh well, I might as well enjoy the sight” I thought, but my legs were killing me like it is supposed to for someone who has no proper training. By the end, I could feel my joint in my knees and ankles, my tendinitis was just getting worse.

I finished in 5 hours and a couple minutes. I didn’t really check. At this point, the timing was not important anymore, but I had made it. Now I know I will not move for the next 2 months, focusing on stretches and a healthy diet. The end of 2014 was terrible and so is the start of 2015. If I want to be ready for 2016, I need to rest.Capture d’écran 2015-04-14 à 13.57.06



  1. Congratulations and a massive well done! Sounds like you took the right approach for the end by focusing on enjoying the day. Here’s to a strong recovery! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I still regret I couldn’t enjoy as much as I hoped. I guess you gotta learn how to avoid doing too much and getting injured.


  2. Great job!!! at the end you enjoyed this marathon and that’s what counts most!!! I think Scott Jurek was the highlight of this trip 😉


  3. and Congratulations for completing the race despite the state of your legs! 🙂


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